Thanks for responding. I’d love to know how long you’ve done it and if it’s helped with getting clients as well as just awareness? I ask because I’ve written for pay for years freelance, but I’m now just starting to coach people to write their own books — specifically mamas who want to write memoirs rooted in wisdom, humor and spirituality. My one book (published traditionally) was Happily Ticked Off about my journey with my son’s Tourette Syndrome. My new book, self pubbed and coming out soon, is called Write Like a Mother: Five Lies Mamas Tell Themselves About Why They Can’t Write Their Book. I’ve been writing at Medium every day, but not focused on motherhood specifically. After seeing your site, and upgrading my website soon, I am realizing I need to narrow in a bit. Anyway, thanks for listening to the ramble. The marketing focus light bulbs are going on and it feels good!

Published TV, Blog, Book and Magazine Writer currently Coaching Mamas to Write Books Rooted in Wisdom, Humor and Spirituality.

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